Home Life Project

Research Paper "Agent-based modeling of cancer metastasis and tumor evolution"

ASDRP Communications, Vol-1, Page-98, Summer 2018

This paper is to use agent-based modeling, a robust and important modeling approach used in computational biology and systems engineering that is able to capture biological complexity and emergent behavior in complex systems.

Fingerprint Scanner and Keypad Safe

Bluestamp Engineering Summer Program (Summer 2018)

This engineering project is to add extra security to a normal box by adding a fingerprint scanner and a passcode. The safe will not open, even when there is no power supply, until both security measures have been authenticated.

Research Paper "Implicit Gender Bias within Resume-Ranking Tools"

ASDRP Communications, Vol-2, Page-246, Summer 2019

This article is to explore how the ranking of resumes on a popular hiring website,, is affected by a potential implicit bias using two methods: first analyzing the gender-tone of the most common words in the top ten and bottom ten resumes, and then examining the relationship between the inferred gender of the resume as determined by its masculinity percent and the rank of the resume.

Mobile App: El Camino Hospotal Auxiliary Scheduler

For iphone at Apps Store  
For Android at Google Play

This App is for volunteers at El Camino Hospital Auxiliary to reschedule their shifts.

Java Program: Solar System

Solar System

This program is developed with Java to emulate the movement of Solar System.

Obstable Avoidance Robotics

Robot Avoiding Dynamic Object
Robot Avoiding Objects (Large video file, long delay to load)

This project was developed with Python.

Auto-pilot Boat Picking up Object in the Water

Auto-Pilot Boat Picks up Object  

An auto-pilot boat picks up trash floating in the water.

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